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Topic: Czech Republic With All Senses

What are the tastes, the smells and sounds of summer in the Czech Republic for you? Engage all your senses and come on a summer trip around the Czech Republic with us.

You can learn more about a Czech famous composer Leoš Janáček in this issue. Thanks to him, Czech became a word language. You can read the interview with a wine grower, learn how to make an elderberry syrup, find out more about small breweries or a nontraditional cafe called POTMĚ, where blind people will serve you beverages in complete darkness. We also have prepared some tips how to discover the Czech Republic a bit differently. Senses is the topic of this issue, therefore don’t forget to eat something delicious and listen to nice music while you are reading the magazine…

Number of pages: 36
Publication date: 08/05/2017



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