AHOJ – Magazine for Czech-language students

AHOJ is a magazine targeted to those interested in learning the Czech language. Is is published online quarterly.
Every issue revolves around one topic, and includes different articles, news, lexical and grammar exercises and much more.
Articles are divided according to difficulty into three levels – easy, medium and difficult.
You will not only practise your Czech, but you also can learn more about life in the Czech Republic, Czech traditions, famous Czech persons, important Czech dates etc. in the magazine.

“I love the content and layout very much and it is a delight to learn more about every aspect of Czech life.” Edith

“Thank you for continuing to put out such a great magazine.” Carolyn Trachtova

“I am still enjoying your magazine very much and I think I am improving my understanding of Czech language thanks to the interesting articles!”

The magazine is published by a language school Study Czech

New issue


  • History of Czech money
  • Maths Vocabulary
  • Horses
  • K.J.Erben and Kytice
  • and more …