Nature and EKO

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Topic: Nature and EKO

This issue was made with love and respect for our Planet.

Nature gives us a lot – water, food, the air we breath, healing plants. Nature helps our physical and mental health. It allows us to recharge our energy stores, feel joy, happiness and calm, and find ourselves.
In this issue, you can read e.g. about wild animals, game management and waste separation in the Czech Republic and about Czech projects for which environmental protection is not just empty talk. We are presenting Jaroslav Foglar – Czech writer whose books have inspired generations of young people, encouraging them to help others and love nature. You also can discover town Most – one of the most destroyed towns in the Czech Republic.

There are texts and exercises for all levels in the AHOJ magazine and we hope that you will enjoy reading the magazine and learning Czech.

Number of pages: 35
Publication date: 30/06/2019



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