Resolutions 01/2018

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Topic: Resolutions

This issue is full of inspiration, not only for year 2018.

We are advising how to start with running (and motivate you by a biography of a phenomenal Czech runner Emil Zátopek) or how to find a new job (and maybe to found your own startup company). We are encouraging to visit Czech National Theatre, presenting a distinctive region in Silesia, the most popular Czech family comedy movie and the best recipes for curing hangover. Are you planning to learn languages this year? We have made a list of nontraditional methods which will help you in your studying and remembering new vocabulary and phrases. Do you usually fail in keeping your resolutions? We have a manual for that situation too.
We hope you manage to do everything you have resolved to do.

There are texts and exercises for all levels in the AHOJ magazine and we hope that you will enjoy reading the magazine and learning Czech.

Number of pages: 38
Publication date: 22/01/2018



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